Effendy Nadzri

EFFENDY NADZRI is the co-founder of EndoKL, established in 2017. From humble beginnings as a draughtsman, he has since gone on to accumulate more than 15 years of experience. He adores designs that have timeless aesthetics and an Asian flair. Effendy often seeks new inspiration from his travels and by observing the behaviours of those around him. Whilst not confining himself to any specific style, Effendy always looks to give his designs a contemporary touch.

Tay Ei Ling

As Creative Director of Youngblood, TAY EI LING has been sculpting the Interior Design industry in both East and West Malaysia since 2005. With a background in Interior Architecture, her works, while always artistic and contemporary, are enhanced by architectural and architectonic applications. Ei Ling is passionate about social projects that solve community problems with an injection of creativity and sensibility. She has received numerous accolades including the CIDB Malaysia Construction Industry Excellence Award 2017, Special Mention in INDE Awards 2018 and German Award 2019.

Jeorge Yee

JEORGE YEE is a multi-disciplinary designer with more than 18 years of experience and the founder of Woodtech Design. With a keen eye on design trends, he always stays abreast of the latest design innovations. He retains a deep appreciation for classic pieces both past and present. From how designers play with colours to how technology can improve a feature, his thirst for knowledge sees him gain inspiration from each new refreshing design.

Swofinty Yik

IDr SWOFINTY YIK is the founder of Swofinty Interior. Having plied his trade across Asia, he is able to capture the uniquely Asian nuances and complexities in design whilst projecting a universally appealing aesthetic. The defining aspect of Swofinty’s work is his philosophy that designs should be an amalgamation of past experiences and integration of the surrounding ambiance. He strives to achieve a harmonious balance between culturally influenced aesthetics and design functionality.

Walter Tan

A certified furniture designer, WALTER TAN has been involved in furniture design and manufacturing for more than three decades. He is the Managing Director of Elemental Republic Sdn Bhd, designing and supplying furniture for hotels, club houses, cafes, and restaurants in Australia, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. Notable projects include Alila Hotel (Dalit Bay, Sabah), Queens Wharf (Queensland Australia) and Collegians (New South Wales, Sydney, Australia).

Fazli Ishak

FAZLI ISHAK is a lecturer, interior designer and furniture designer. Having worked with KLCCB-Putrajaya since 1998, he has been actively involved in multiple government precinct projects. Fazli’s experience across multiple disciplines include some notable projects for prominent figures such as former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad & Datin Paduka Marina. He currently nurtures the development of future generations of designers in his capacity as Senior Lecturer at INTI International University.

Kuan Swee Ching

KUAN SWEE CHING is an up-and-coming Interior Designer that has honed her skills in England, starting her career at a brand environment design firm. Since returning to Malaysia, she has been actively involved in a wide array of project types, including residential and commercial developments, and has gained extensive experience across the entire design process – from design, to production, construction, and completion.

Ong Kian Tat

A graduate of the Malaysian Institute of Art, ONG KIAN TAT has more than 16 years of experience in interior design and project management. He established his own interior practice in 2008, and has been involved across a wide spectrum of interior design projects for residential and commercial developments. His profound awareness of the impact design has on living and working environments drives him to improve peoples’ quality of life through his work.

Lim Take Bane

Ar Lim Take Bane is a chartered architect and interior designer in based in Malaysia and the UK, with his own firm, Arkitek Shilpa. He hails from Kuala Lumpur and has a keen interest in industrial design, including furniture design, and many of his private residential, commercial and institutional projects include custom-designed furniture and fittings. Take Bane’s other interests include heritage conservation, photography, tea-drinking, theatre set design and other visual arts.

Jun Ong

JUN ONG is the co-founder of POW Ideas, a Kuala Lumpur based design collective. With a background in architecture, his works have included art installations and product design. His explorations in lighting and tech installations have led him to commissions by Nike, Adidas, Gucci, L’Officiel, to art institutions like ArtScience Museum Singapore and Art Central Hong Kong. Jun’s works span various scales and are often spatial – with an emphasis on material honesty and imperfections. He often uses material and immaterial elements to ignite visceral and tactile interactions.

Kalvin Ting

IDr KALVIN TING is the founder and principal of Think Studio Plt. Having worked in several large interior design firms in Singapore & Malaysia over the past 15 years, he has built a robust, multi-disciplined repertoire of residential, hospitality, and commercial projects. He believes that elements of fun and creativity are two major components of good design. Kalvin continues to impart his love and passion for design by inspiring young designers to pick up the mantle.

Suzy Sulaiman

SUZY SULAIMAN is an artist, designer, wife and mother. Trained in architecture, her works explore the intersection of art, architecture and media technology. She was selected to participate as an artist-in-residency organised by Bellas Artes Project (2018) in Manila, Philippines. Her sound installation “Jungle of Nusa” (2020) received the General Prize award at the Youfab Global Creative 2019. Suzy’s artwork was also exhibited at Media Ambition Tokyo (MAT) in February 2020 in Tokyo, Japan.

Teo Kui Soon

TEO KUI SOON is the Founder and Chief Designer of The Box Interior Architecture, which was established in 1997. He obtained his Bachelor of Art for interior architecture in England and began his career in London with a design practice specialising in commercial and retail developments. His style is clean, simple and pared-down, with innovative use of materials, combining naturally available green resources and architecture to ultimately create green spaces wherever possible.

Fifi Poh

FIFI POH graduated with BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture at Curtin University Australia. She is the founder of MH Poh Interior Design. Throughout her years of practice as an interior designer, Fifi has acquired the experience and ability to design, plan, lead, collaborate, inspect and oversee projects of various types. She received the Silver Award in leisure and entertainment category awarded by the Singapore Interior Design Association in 2019. “Design is love” is her mantra, as she continues to contribute to design industry with her creativity and passion.

Joe Chan

JOE CHAN is the founder and creative director of Design Tone Interior Practice. With over 2 decades of experience in the interior design industry, he has received numerous design awards locally and internationally across multiple project categories. With a passion to further improve the landscape of the industry, Joe continues to actively contribute to the interior design academic fraternity. He draws from his experiences and expertise to conduct lectures, run workshops and host design talks.

Hamizi Hasan

HAMIZI HASAN is the Assistant Design Director of SKALA Design Consult Sdn Bhd. With more than 14 years of experience at SKALA, he has been involved in the design process for a variety of projects such as corporate offices, medical centres, airport terminals, F&B outlets, shopping malls and residences. He has also customised furniture designs for the Royal Palace & Palace offices. His wide exposure to the industry and its stakeholders has provided him with valuable knowledge on the current product and design trends.

Sean Yeap

SEAN YEAP is the Co-Founder and Director of SWOT Design Group, an interior design and planning firm that was established in 1995. Through the years, he has often collaborated with other leading practitioners on projects of varying scale. He has a highly informed design sensibility underpinned by a passion for classical, highly modern and contemporary design. Sean has built a reputation for comprehensive design solutions based on honesty, material expression and rigour.