A SAFE SPACE FOR NURSING MOTHERS TED POD – Drawing from the maternal instinct to provide care for one’s young, the Ted Pod is a breastfeeding pod designed with the needs of nursing mothers in mind. The modular design allows the Ted Pod to be easily incorporated and installed in a multitude of public settings, […]


HIDDEN PRACTICALITY D HIDDEN DRESSER – Given that urban living has seen properties becoming more compact, space management has become more important than ever. After installing one’s bed and wardrobe, there may not be any room left for a dresser. Thus, drawing inspiration from changing lifestyles that are no longer bound by rigid conventionality, the […]


UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES TSUGI TILES – Inspired by the Japanese art of joining, “Kintsugi”, the collection pairs two timber pieces of different grains to form a complete tile. The simple contrast at close proximity highlights and celebrates the natural grains and textures which are unique to timber products. The modular system encourages efficient manufacturing and ease […]


LIGHTWEIGHT LONGEVITY UNIO – The central premise was to design a dining set that would be the centrepiece to bring the family together, with longevity that would be able to last several generations. Shifting away from the bulky designs of yesteryear, the dining set was designed to be thinner and lighter, but still as strong […]


CONTEMPORARY ELEGANCE ODELIA – The overall concept is inspired by the elegance of classic American furniture and the simplicity of Scandinavian furniture design. The design retains some classical American furniture design characteristics, and removes certain excessive elements for a contemporary twist. The furniture is composed of solid rubber wood and medium density fibreboard in a […]


CONTEMPORARY COLONIAL STYLE TERATAI – The set of dining table, chairs and sideboard are a contemporary take on the popular colonial style furniture suited for the tropical climate. The traditional solid timber table top has been combined with mild steel legs to lend an air of lightness to heavy timber members. A beautiful white marble […]


BEAUTIFULLY IMPERFECT IMPERFECTION – Imperfections are subjective. To some, it may be seen as a weakness, something undesirable. But others may be able to see the beauty in these imperfections. This series of furniture explores how we can take something that is imperfect, and turn it into a piece that is unique and beautiful in […]


MINIMALIST FURNITURE FOR THE URBAN YOUNG ZOE LIVING – A design to suit urban living, the Zoe Living Series which includes a coffee table, side table and stool, emphasizes a simple, streamlined natural design that is easy to assemble. Suitable for a simple minimalist lifestyle, the furniture is fabricated from sustainable solid Malaysian Hevea Brasiliensis […]


FUN AND FUNCTIONAL WORKTOP CARRY ME – The trend of working or studying from home has increased rapidly, but it can be a stessful experience for some. Hence, the design concept aims to transform the traditional home office into something fun yet functional within a limited space, and hopefully inspire more creativity and productivity. “Carry […]


MODERNISING A CLASSIC MELANGE – The design of this sofa set takes inspiration from the melding of “old & new”. The outcome is a timeless design that accentuates clean vertical and horizontal lines, whilst retaining the signature elements of a traditional chesterfield sofa, giving the sofa a unique identity that is contemporary yet classic at […]