ADAPTING TO YOU ZENDULAR – Our lifestyles are constantly changing, moving with the trends and needs of the moment. As such, the demand for furniture that can keep up with these changes is also on the rise. Enter ZENDULAR, a robe-hanger structure that is customizable to fit any space or way of living. Inspired by […]


PRACTICAL AND ORNAMENTAL THADDEUS – Drawing on the intricacy of carvings and patterns, this high-endpartition design adds aesthetic value to any space it stands in. Precision cut using advanced fabrication technology, the patterns are a reflection of tradition, nature and visual art. Both decorative and functional, it can serve as a partition, wall paneling, art […]


A BREATH OF SERENITY SLEE.P – For many of us, the bedroom is a sanctuary that we retreat to at the end of the day. It’s a personal space to unwind and recharge—the precise ambiance that Slee.P aims to cultivate. The design of this bedroom set draws inspiration from the fundamental act of breathing and […]


RECLAIMED BEAUTY QUIRINUS SOFA – The vintage vibe of the 60s swings back into style with this design that fuses the old-time charm with modern living. Consisting of a two and three-seater sofa with a convertible coffee table-ottoman stool and armrest, its modular system gives users the freedom to play with different configurations without any […]


DRIVING HIGH FUNCTIONALITY OUTPUT DESK – Work-from-home setups is a lot more elaborate these days. There’s usually a laptop, additional monitor, iPad, mouse, keyboard and other accessories—all of which have to be crammed onto a single tabletop, affecting work efficiency. Recognising this pain point, the Output desk is created to be compact yet generous in […]


AFFORDABLE CUSTOMISATION OPTIMUS TOP – The intention: to create furniture that is mass-produced, yet unique and versatile. The result: a transformable desk worktop that is repurposed from laminated board flooring and compatible with height-adjustable steel legs. Catering to the lifestyle of digital nomads, who are constantly on the move — and who happen to regularly […]


HYBRID LIGHT PANEL LUMEN – The aesthetic feature of this LED light panel is centered on two contrasting surfaces representing the modernity of technology and the artistry of handicrafts. Built on a combination of MDF with wood veneer, the design balances sustainable and diverse materials, with a paint finish that exudes warmth. Meanwhile, its geometrical […]


A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING As more Malaysians adopt the practice of working from home, having a work environment that is comfortable and well organized becomes a necessity. The idea for this work desk stems from the same belief. The Home Working Desk drives practicality and organization with its multiple compartments and slots. Each section has […]


GEOMETRICAL EYE-CATCHER HIP TO BE SQUARE – The sofa is often the focal point of any living room. Some prefer traditional designs with muted colors, while others like to make a statement that’s loud and proud. This sofa set is not made for the former. Its play on geometrical shapes is apparent in its sleek […]


CLASSIC REIMAGINED DORIC – This design is an ode to the Doric Order, a classical architectural style of ancient Greece and Rome, with the Parthenon in Athens being a famous example. One of the distinct characteristics of this order lies in its sturdy columns and their iconic vertical, parallel flutes. Marrying the classic and the […]


TIMELESS CLASSIC WITH A LAIDBACK TWIST CHESTERFIELD M² – The conventional Chesterfield sofa is decolonized with an infusion of tropicality to its iconic form, resulting in a contemporary design reflecting modern and Malaysian influences. Paying homage to the relaxed tropical lifestyle, the rolled arms of the Chesterfield M² take a rest as they recline to […]


EVOLVING WITH AGE CAYENNE COT – Children grow really fast. One minute they’re being cradled in your arms and the next you’re shedding happy tears at their primary school graduation. Keeping up with their development, however, is the Cayenne Cot, a sustainable design that can be transformed to cater to the various stages of a […]


SMALL-SPACE FRIENDLY BENTO AND ONIGIRI – Function, comfort, and character of the materials make up the main focus of the Bento and Onigiri duo. Taking inspiration from a bento box, this design manipulates basic shapes and forms to create a dining table that is compact yet equipped with additional storage—perfect for small spaces. The table […]


CONVENIENCE FIRST RAINTREE – The idea behind Raintree is driven by the principle that though furniture is a work of art, its design shouldn’t come at the expense of practicality and convenience. Resembling the trunk of a tree, its legs are intentionally positioned away from the table corners. This is so there is adequate space […]