LOCAL FUSION ELEGANCE T Minus Series collection seamlessly weaves local culture and contemporary design into a product that’s more than a treat—it’s a nostalgic celebration of the local identity. The furniture design combines Malay and Chinese elements, traditional craftsmanship, and modern aesthetics, reflecting the nation’s rich history and cultural diversity. Elegant curves, intricate carvings, symmetrical […]


TIMELESS DURABILITY Nilam Puri is committed to crafting a furniture collection that emphasizes longevity, aiming to reduce fast furniture waste and the need for frequent replacements. The designer believes that furniture should be more than just functional; it should hold enduring value and stories that we cherish. Inspired by the traditional interlocking timber construction technique […]


CURVED LINEAR PENDANT LIGHT: A MODERN AESTHETIC Taking inspiration from Japanese roof structures, the curved linear pendant light embodies a modern contemporary design philosophy, prioritizing clean lines that showcase the natural beauty of timber grains. The introduction of timber infuses warmth and texture into the design, creating a striking contrast with the sleek, modern fixtures […]


ECO-FRIENDLY ELEGANCE Inspired by the mesmerizing way light dances through prisms, the Prism Decorative Lighting series marries beauty and sustainability. Crafted from recycled timber, it provides an environmentally conscious lighting option, reducing waste while infusing a natural, rustic charm. The wall light, with its angular geometric design, mimics the grace of nature’s bending branches and […]


VERSATILE MARVEL: HEY HATCH Solid and robust, Hey Hatch draws inspiration from the concept of hatching, where the outer layer reveals magical surprises within the furniture piece. A timeless collection suitable for entryways, living rooms, and bedrooms, this masterpiece adapts to the homeowner’s evolving needs. Crafted with precision, its details feature precise curves, creating a […]


VERSATILE STREET FURNITURE TAKES SHAPE The flexibility of the module base unit enables the creation of diverse furniture configurations, catering to different public spaces and their respective audiences. These modular timber elements, comprising strips and panels, can be layered, interlocked, and assembled to construct a variety of furniture arrangements. By incorporating backrests or stacking chairs, […]


REDEFINING TABLE LEG DESIGN FOR ACCESSBILITY The BUTTERFLY Dining Set is a solution to a common inconvenience with conventional tables. Often, users of tables with legs at each corner find themselves bumping into the legs when they leave the table. This can be particularly troublesome for elderly and disabled individuals. Inspired by the graceful wings […]


SUSTAINABLE STORAGE SOLUTIONS Colobox presents a remarkable storage solution that embodies sustainability, style, and versatility. This modular system is perfect for individuals who value both eco-friendliness and enduring design. Not only is Colobox an environmentally conscious choice, but it’s also an epitome of durability, offering long-lasting functionality and an elegant aesthetic. Its user-friendly assembly and […]


PERFECT HARMONY OF VENTILATION AND PRIVACY SinarBayu, derived from Malay words ‘sinar’ (light) and ‘bayu’ (breeze), perfectly encapsulates the essence of this unique door. It excels in providing abundant light and ventilation while preserving security and privacy. Crafted from exquisite Solid Meranti wood, it features adjustable screens that gracefully balance both functions, ensuring the best […]


FUNCTIONAL ARTISTRY: KYOKUSEN Kyokusen’s furniture collection finds its roots in the cluttered confines of a university room, aiming to craft functional art pieces. These creations seamlessly merge storage with design, showcasing integrated storage within their gracefully curved legs. The lounge chair’s legs ingeniously double as book organizers, eliminating the need for book stoppers, ensuring easy […]


BLENDING ART & FUNCTIONALITY Inspiration for this concept draws from ‘Stoma’, the cell structures found in tree leaves that facilitate the exchange of carbon dioxide and water between plants and the atmosphere. This idea seeks to reimagine furniture pieces as functional works of art that harness human energy. ‘Sto’ represents the timber platform, offering multi-functionality […]


TIMELESS CRAFTSMANSHIP, MODERN SUSTAINABILITY Our groundbreaking furniture collection, centered around the principles of RE:IMAGINE, RE:SHAPE, RE:VIVE, RE:CYCLE, RE:USE, and RE:VALUE, is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and style. RE:IMAGINE – We employ upcycled manufacturing by-products in crafting this series, highlighting our dedication to sustainability. RE:SHAPE – Our furniture is a fusion of contemporary […]