The One Academy Grand Finale Showcase on 12th-22th Mar 2024


The TIMB3R Design Incubator Programme (DIP) 3.0 is pleased to announce a showcase of the final products from the 3.0 series, alongside a Designer Sharing Session at The One Academy. The showcase will run from the 12th to the 22nd of March, allowing visitors to explore the innovative and sustainable designs created by talented designers who participated in the programme. Additionally, a Designer Sharing Session will be held on the 13th of March to inspire the next generation of timber product designers.

The TIMB3R DIP 3.0 Showcase at The One Academy will feature a diverse range of furniture and timber products, highlighting the creativity, craftsmanship, and sustainability principles embedded in each design. Visitors will have the chance to view the final products up close, gaining insights into the design process and the use of eco-friendly materials, such as Rubio Monocoat, in creating sustainable solutions for the industry.

In conjunction with the showcase, a Designer Sharing Session will take place on the 13th of March. Experienced designers from the TIMB3R DIP 3.0 will share their experiences, insights, and creative processes with aspiring students from The One Academy. The session aims to provide students with invaluable knowledge and inspiration, empowering them to pursue careers in timber product design and contribute to the industry’s future.

The TIMB3R DIP 3.0 Showcase and Designer Sharing Session at The One Academy are expected to attract industry professionals, students, and design enthusiasts alike, offering a unique opportunity to engage with innovative designs and learn from experienced professionals.