TIMB3R DIP 3.0 Hackathon & Kick Off

Local designers and timber manufacturers teamed up for the TIMB3R Design Incubator Programme (DIP) 3.0 Hackathon at Nexus Bangsar South, here, today. The event serves as a kickstart to TIMB3R DIP 3.0, which is an annual initiative that promotes the creation of quality wooden products to drive the export of Malaysia’s timber and furniture industry.

“The export of Malaysian timber products has been very encouraging. Last year’s export amounted to RM25.21 billion which is a 10.6% increase compared to 2021. We are happy with this growth amidst the difficult times,” said Madam Noraihan Abdul Rahman, Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysian Timber Council (MTC).  

“And in keeping with market trends and requirements on circular economy and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), it is vital that we optimise the use of our resources with greater emphasis on design and quality. Much of MTC’s programmes have been revolving around these principles, which DIP 3.0 Hackathon also promotes. This year’s theme incorporated elements of sustainability and circular economy. Participants were encouraged to incorporate at least 20% of recycled materials in their final designs,” she added.

Heeding the call for more environmentally friendly designs are TIMB3R DIP 3.0 Hackathon’s 10 manufacturer-designer pairs, some of which are award-winners from various fields such as architecture, interior, and lighting. Having agreed on a design concept, each will have six months to produce their products for the international furniture showcase.

“Since its inception in 2020, TIMB3R DIP has been nurturing Malaysian designers and we are pleased to have uncovered many hidden talents along the way,” said Mr. George Yap, Chairman of the TIMB3R DIP Committee and the Malaysian Wood Moulding and Joinery Council (MWMJC).

 “Several products from past TIMB3R DIP programmes were exhibited at the Furniture China’s Digital Trade Show in 2021. One of them, a multi-use sustainable baby cot named Cayenne Cot, also picked up the Best RIX Products Award at the REKA Interiors Exhibition last year. These recognitions speak volumes about what our designers and manufacturers can achieve given the right avenue,” said Mr. Yap.  

TIMB3R DIP 3.0 is a collaboration between the MTC, the Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC) and the Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID). It is supported by the MWMJC and the Association of Bumiputera Timber and Furniture Manufactures of Malaysia (PEKA).