TIMB3R DIP 4.0 Hackathon on 25th Apr 2024


The TIMB3R Design Incubator Programme (DIP) 4.0 kicked off with an exhilarating Hackathon event held on 25th April 2024 at the iN Design Lab in KL Eco City. This event brought together a diverse group of designers and manufacturers, marking the beginning of an exciting journey towards sustainable design innovation.

The primary objective of the Hackathon was to match designers with manufacturers, fostering collaboration and creativity to develop innovative timber-based products. Participants were tasked with conceptualizing and presenting their design ideas, with the ultimate goal of bringing them to life in the market.

The theme of the TIMB3R DIP 4.0 series remains rooted in sustainability, reflecting the ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation within the industry. This year, TIMB3R is proud to announce the sponsorship of IOI Palm Wood and Weng Meng Greentech, who have generously offered their support in the form of raw materials. Participants could utilize oil palm panels provided by these sponsors, adding an element of sustainability to their designs while showcasing the versatility of timber-based materials.

“We are thrilled to have the support of IOI Palm and Weng Meng Greentech for our TIMB3R DIP 4.0 Hackathon,” said Chairman of TIMB3R DIP. “Their contribution not only provides participants with access to high-quality alternative raw materials but also underscores our collective commitment to sustainable design practices.”

The Hackathon brought together designers and manufacturers from various backgrounds, facilitating cross-disciplinary exchange and creative exploration. Through presentations and collaborative sessions, participants were able to leverage their unique perspectives and expertise to develop groundbreaking design concepts.

As the TIMB3R DIP 4.0 series progresses, participants will continue to work closely with their matched partners to refine their designs and bring them to fruition. With a focus on sustainability and market viability, these innovative products are poised to make a significant impact in the design landscape.

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